“…For ages, these strong and beautiful beasts have been venerated for their courage, stamina,
intelligence….and the healing powers of their milk. These fascinating and important pages detail Christina Adams’ personal journey of discovery that the camel herders were right. Her excellent book makes the case for camel milk’s medicinal value…and for treating camels with the respect, compassion, and even reverence that they deserve from humans.”

Sy Montgomery, author and National Book Award Finalist, Soul of an Octopus

“A story as wondrous as a fantastic novel, full of amazing moments.”

Anita Hughes, author of Rome In Love and Christmas in Paris

“This is a book that can change the world. Adams . . . does it all with such an infectious sense of wonder, a love of facts, and an insistence to get at the truth, that I’d follow her anywhere.”

Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of Pictures of You and Is This Tomorrow

A mesmerizing new book. Just as I was awaiting a scientific explanation, there it was, eloquent and exciting. Camels, and their milk, are indeed special.

Ricki Lewis, PhD, The Forever Fix: Gene Therapy and the Boy Who Saved It and Human Genetics, geneticist, PLOS science writer

Camel Crazy is a joy to read and should inspire those of us who feel powerless in the face of industrialized life. Biodiversity matters. Animals matter. And it matters to enter into a space in which we consider possibilities that otherwise would seem impossible.”

Richard McCarthy, executive director, Slow Food International

If you think you know everything, then you haven’t read Christina Adam’s page-turning memoir. Adams has woven an incredible tapestry that will fascinate you with its science and touch you with its story. The book will teach you things you never imagined and move you to tears.

Mary Morris, The Jazz Palace and All The Way to the Tigers

“Testimony not only of a dedicated mother, but also of a determined, intelligent woman whose ability to think outside the box enabled her to overcome serious medical challenges affecting her child.”

Amnon Gonenne, PhD, scientist, researcher, and biotechnology executive

“As a neurologist, I can say that Christina’s observations of medical signs and symptoms are on par with a neurologist’s clinical skills. The healing and immune-modulating power of camel milk in the autism population is bona fide and realistic.”

Caroline Choan, M.D. Neurologist

Adams expertly fits together several pieces of the puzzle in making fulfilling and productive lives for people on the autism spectrum more the rule rather than the exception.”

Stephen M. Shore, EdD, person with autism, author of Beyond the Wall, professor of special education at Adelphi University, and board member of Autism Speaks

“Camel Crazy relates an extraordinary story and captures how camels represent freedom to pastoralists like me. This book’s camel wisdom rings true.”

Roba B. Jilo, MBA, camel herder and member of the Karrayyu-Oromo tribe of Ethiopia

I met writer Christina Adams while living in Orange County, Calif. I had started a creative nonfiction writers group, and she was one of several who faithfully attended. In our meetings, I came to know Christina as a beautiful person: a writer who is whip-crack smart and not afraid to confront reality.

Kate Meadows

“Adams, a commentator for NPR’s Day to Day, offers an affecting personal narrative about her son Jonah’s diagnosis with autism at age two. She conveys the impact of this diagnosis on herself and her family, especially in the months immediately following, providing excellent accounts of how she
responded to teachers’ and family members’ suggestions that Jonah had autism. She also candidly discusses issues that have put pressure on her marriage, e.g., guilt and blame (she took the controversial drug Pitocin during delivery)…this book clearly illustrates autism’s impact on a family
and is recommended for academic and public libraries with autism collections.”

Library Journal

“Adams’s son, Jonah, was two years and eight months old when he was diagnosed as autistic. Eighteen months later, child development specialists evaluating Jonah couldn’t believe he’d had a history of autism. What made the difference? Adams–with the help of her lawyer husband–devoted herself completely to Jonah’s treatment, starting immediately with a rigorous gluten and casein-free diet. They enrolled the young boy in a 40-hour a week, one-on-one ABA (“applied behavioral analysis”) program for autistic children, supplemented with individual speech therapy and physical therapy….Adams, a self-described “Autism Mommy,” worked full-time on the intervention process, advocating for Jonah’s needs with the school system so they’d cover his high bills, cooking Jonah’s special foods and interfacing with each therapist privately and then collectively to help Jonah integrate the lessons into real-world situations. It’s pleasing to see Jonah make such a dramatic improvement….With the number of children on the autism spectrum growing, Adams’s upbeat, inspirational account has a ready-made market….”

Publishers Weekly

“Fast-paced, riveting and often humorous… clearly reveals how parental determination can enable a child to grow and prosper.”

Stephen Shore author, Beyond the Wall: Personal Experiences with Autism and Asperger Syndrome

Among “the best of the writers and authors that I’ve discovered on the Web and whose work I would recommend.”

The Midwest Book Review

Regardless of whether readers have an autistic child or a child “on the spectrum” with a diagnosis ranging from attention deficit disorder to Asperger’s syndrome, they should enjoy Adams’ fast-paced tale. We learn the language of autism, explore its manifestations and gain an understanding of the world inhabited by an increasing number of families.

A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention and Recovery


Her series “Autism and Beyond” airs on Autism Live. Watch here.

Christina Adams is an American award-winning writer, journalist, author and speaker. She and her work have been featured by National Public Radio, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, LA Times Magazine, Gulf News, Khaleej Times, Dubai One, GOOD, Open Democracy, OZY, Autism File, Global Advances in Health and Medicine, Her book Camel Crazy: A Quest for Miracles in the Mysterious World of Camels explores the scientific and cultural importance of camels and their milk. Her book A Real Boy… Her book A Real Boy (Berkley/Penguin) reveals the world of autism and her son’s early intervention. Her series “Autism and Beyond” airs on Autism Live at An expert on autism and camel milk, she advises families and scientists from many countries. She enjoys connecting with people from all cultures.

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