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Are Alternative Treatments Dangerous? Christina discusses a recent media case on Autism Live.

The Washington Post

After a split, a women’s standard of living usually goes down and a man’s goes up.

When I got divorced, I moved from a big house to a tiny apartment. It was a shock. – The Washington Post

They’re misunderstood beasts, if you ask Gil Riegler. Camels offer milk, beauty and, for Riegler, a life mission.

The Camel Whisperer of California | Rising Stars | OZY

Open Democracy

Wrote, reported and helped obtain photos for this article. Challenges included doing reporting on Rajasthan/India from the US, but it went well.

India’s New Camel Legislation: Protection or Relegation?

Washington Post, On Balance

I am an Autism Mom—Guest Blog

National Public Radio: A Mother’s Day Change of Heart

In honor of Mother’s Day, commentator Christina Adams recalls her adolescent embarrassment about her mother’s old clothes, and the moment — years later — when she had a change of heart.

Commentary: A Mother’s Day Change of Heart : NPR

Interview with Marrie Stone on KUCI

Christina Adams, author of “A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention, and Recovery,” joins guest host Marrie Stone on KUCI to share her son’s story with autism. She provides insights into diet, support groups, school, and her discovery of camel’s milk as a successful method of controlling the symptoms associated with autism.

Christina Adams on Autism and the Benefits of Camel’s Milk

Patient Report: Autism Spectrum Disorder Treated With Camel Milk in Global Advances in Health and Medicine

Autism File Magazine

Got Camel Milk?

National Public Radio: Halloween Conformity in the Classroom

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