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Christina Adams is an award-winning media professional, researcher, former National Public Radio commentator and author of A Real Boy: A True Story of Autism, Early Intervention and Recovery (Penguin). After an aerospace PR career, Christina turned to autism after her son was diagnosed, becoming an expert in behavioral, dietary and medical interventions. Finding herself a single mom, she imported frozen Bedouin camel milk and her son got better on it overnight, as outlined in her GAHM medical journal article. Now happily remarried with a strong blended family, she’s created a global network of health-seeking families and camel professionals.

With humor and empathy, Christina reveals the global power of positive change.


  • A Thought Leader in Autism and Camel Milk, Christina works with organizations, farmers and families, globally.
  • Inspiring high-value presentations are tailored to audiences and cultures.
  • Actionable insights offer solutions and roadmaps for individual journeys.
  • Audiences feel confident and supported.
  • Fun and dynamic topics enliven meetings.

With humor and empathy, Christina reveals the global power of positive change.

“The star of camel milk advocacy”
-Dr. Abdul Raziq, ISOCARD

Bold & professional with the highest standards.”
– Dr. Amnon Gonenne, ret. CEO

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Christina and her work have appeared in Global Advances in Health and Medicine, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, CHILD, NPR, GOOD, Web MD, The Kingsport Times-News, Orange County Register, Autism File, WebMD, National Public Television, The Gulf News, Dubai One TV, KhaleejTimes, KUCI, My Autistic Muslim Child and more.


Neuroscience Autism Conference 2016 abstract:


Autism One 2012 Practical Magic Camel Milk presentation:


Autism One 2009 Autism Early Intervention Guidelines to Help and Hope presentation:


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Christina Adams