"This is a book that can change the world"

Camel Crazy: A Quest for Miracles in the Mysterious World of Camels

When Christina Adams, a journalist by training, discovered that camel’s milk might help her son with autism, she started a journey she never expected. A faraway doctor helped her bring the milk into America and her son got dramatically better overnight. Adams wanted to know more, so off she went to find camels; to understand why camels are cherished, regarded as family members, and hailed as healers; and to help make camels the second-fastest growing livestock in the world because of new demand for their milk. Meeting camels face to face, Adams found the creatures fascinating: large teeth and height scared her even as their soft lips and gentle, curious eyes won her over. Along with Adams, you’ll visit the camel farms of Arab royals; meet passionate Amish farmers, elusive Indian camel caregivers and white-swathed Tuareg nomads. But the most fascinating characters in Camel Crazy are the camels themselves. Cute and mischievous but also huge, adept fighters, they are the inspiration for this moving and rollicking ode to “camel people” and the creatures they — and readers will — adore.

Praise for Camel Crazy

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